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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 4, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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are no longer puppies, the dogs grow up, get adopted, usually by former renters. dogs for rent, trillion park, new york city. $400 per hour. $200 for each additional hour. if the dog makes poop in the park, you will be killed. have a nice day. see you for the fox report tonight. here is neil cavuto. >>neil: i know elections have consequences but is one them republicans losing their backbone? welcome, everyone, fox on stop of republicans folding fast when it comes to taxes. critics are saying they are taking away too much in leverage and essentially handing this whole deal, whatever happens on the fiscal cliff, to the democrats. here is what they considering, not only letting the top rate rise or finding an equal amount of taxes in other areas that
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would be the same effect. they considering a doomsday plan where house republicans would vote "present" on a bill that only extends the middle class tax cuts escaping blame for tax hikes on the 2 percent and wall street bigwigs are throwing in the towel and now calling the president's plan to hike taxes to the tune of $2.16 trillion double what originally called, credible. pore like incredible if you ask my next guests who are livid. michelle, what happened? >>guest: well, there is a reason why for some long the republicans are nicknamed the stupid party and the democrats are the evil party. there have been so many times the narrative that has been repeated over and over again where the republicans capitulate and rollover. what voters who did vote for house republicans to maintain their majority need to ask, and
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ask very loudly, what part of the mandate you did get this past november said rollover? or said give up? or said surrender? screw the idea that a bad deal is better than no deal. at least with no deal we will finally get a government that is forked to live in its means. that is what the republican party has to stand for. why bother? why have a reason party if they don't stand for these things. >>neil: you seem upset, michelle. charles, i do understand elections have consequences and you can make an argument the president ran on the notion i have to hike taxes and i want to hike taxes on the upper income. and he won. you can make an argument that was going to happen. but it is giving if on all the areas, giving in on a deal that would be potentially very short when it comes to spending cuts
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seems to add insult to financial injury? >>guest: that is her point. listen, the republicans should remember they were elected and they do have a seat at the table. the tip-off was last night while everyone watched the redskins game, the night of the long screwdrivers when speaker boehner got rid of all the tea party members in charge of the committees, he dump them all in the middle of the night and no one paid attention. that was ding ding ding. it should frighten people. i would say in most cases though deal is not as good as a deal but if they go with what the president lays on the table --. >>neil: i don't know. no deal does mean a really bad deal. >> i this is not, by the way you mentioned the redskins football game, the giants, it is not a contest, a football game.
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who wins and who loses, democrats and republicans. we are all going to lose if they don't get together. look, they have something on the table called simpson-bowles. all they have to do is follow it. senator congresser laid out a 262-page plan, very detailed and gave it to everyone and they are not paying attention to it. >>neil: it is time for me to save the country. that was drawn to scale. there we go again. >> i need those vitamins you are taking. >>neil: go ahead and laugh. michelle, i think there is a middle ground, you know you can be dogmatic about there and you argue to everyone calming down
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and do not fold on everything but if we are going to see higher taxes on the rich whether it is limits deductions or what have you, i do think the very least republicans can expect and should expect of democrats is, give us your pound of flesh. the ratio was thought to be when this was done a year ago, we would see $3 in cut for $1 in tax hikes but now it is the opposite. it has been inverted. things could change, but i am told behind closed doors it is not happening. what do you make of that? >>guest: i have said this before about a sense of history and why so many conservatives see the 3-1, or whatever the ratio is, to be phony, that is how they played out in past history. under the reagan administration when he was dealing with thomas "tip" o'neill and under the
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george bush administration when, as i said, i was in school clothes necessity made the deals and the republicans fell for it and the spending cuts never came. >>neil: wait, wait, wait, wait, in what administration were you still in school clothes >>guest: you can look it up on the intent. >>neil: when the republicans cave you promise the spending cuts if i didn't give you tax hikes and they never get to the spending cuts. >>guest: right and when we pay the price, and we have talked that america has to suck up and pay the rice for all of the government spending. whatever segment of america that ends up being, it is time to stop kicking the can down the road. >>neil: we can solve this. time to insert the neil cavuto save the country super hero
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graphic. here is my compromise. republicans is to agree to address the tax rate. but they have to get, and democrats can not just preaching about this, they have to get them off leaving the entitlements alone, and have to get a commitment they will address this right new with tangible and useable and workable numbers or there is no deal. >> i don't disagree. it sounds pragmatic but that has been -- anyone can pull a country from one part of ideals to another. >>neil: but the dogma gets the better of them, if you want did slow the growth of medicare it is like throwing granny off the cliff they have to get off this.
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>>guest: what this is holding everything back, the public relations aspect is hurting the republicans. at this point it seems like they increase a lose lose situation so they should draw a line in the sand somewhere because any are going to be blamed for the outcome no matter what. >> this is not a competition between democrats and republicans. you have to give this or that. there is something here. >> it is a competition of ideology. what is the magic of the top 2 percent or 5.58 joe,"? what is the magic of $250,000? >> there is compromise all over the place. >>neil: guys, i thank you all. now as i try to save the
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country, we have a democratic congressman who heads the congressional black caucus, and congressman, good to see you, again. here is what worried me, now, you and the organization have said, look, not the time for entitlements, don't talk about raising medicare age, and, i think you closed off a huge bit of spending. that is not progress. >>guest: well, first and foremost, i think that the previous voice i heard was on target. one of the worst things --. >>neil: my voice? >>guest: your voice is always logical. >>neil: plight have been wayne rogers. >>guest: the worst thing going on in washington is all of the talk about the issue. you pick up a newspaper and it says would will blink first? who will be pulled across the line first? members read those and they are thinking, i don't want to be
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categorized as blinking. >>neil: but you just contributed saying you better not talk the entitlements or talk about social security or medicare and i know you may have your reasons but the republicans are saying, we have to give our pound of flesh and raise taxes and we are fine with it. we will do it. never mine the fact that you democrats have doubled the amount of revenues you talked about before the election, so be it. but there is nothing coming from you guys. >>guest: here is one of the things that we have been pushing. that is, according to the c.b.o. if the bush era tax cuts are eliminated, they would generate $950 billion over 10 years. that is just shy of the $1.2 trillion that we laid out in the sequester bill. so, we are moving in the right direction and we are dealing
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with the whole issue of medicare. >>neil: you are not. you are not. >>guest: what we are saying is, since 73 percent of the public said they didn't want medicare and medicaid touched, we can still generate the dollars that we need. >>neil: i think what they said, maybe they gave. >> license to go after fat cats. they didn't give you a license to sit on your hands. >>guest: i agree. you are right. i'm not one of the individuals that will say we just want to conquer republicans. there is no benefit if that. i live in this country and i have four children who will grow up here and hopefully live and die here their entire likes. we have to make this country sound. one --. >>neil: how can we do that if we are not curtailing the growth if entitlements.
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we equate it to throwing granny off the cliff and we are just throwing the growth? >>guest: i wasn't part of that. we have to stop that crazy talk. >>neil: your organization stands behind like the modern day don't touch my junk. >>guest: social security is not the problem. they have not contributed to the deficit. >>neil: show me an entitlement you would top. we are not talking about taking food away from the elderly, is there anything you would touch beyond taxing rich people? >>guest: we have to take a serious look at medicare. >>neil: your organization seems to put out, don't touch that, not now, not part of this deal. >>guest: what we saying, we can generate $950 billion of the $1.2 trillion we need over 10
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years without eliminating or reducing benefits with medicare. i am also saying if we are looking for additional cuts and we need to do more everyone must be open. >>neil: but you are not open to the thing you said. you were one of the best speechers at the democratic convention but the speech ain't flying. it is implying it is on the republicans they better cough up more in taxes because we will keep feeding the beast. it is not about taming the beast but feeding the beast. >>guest: i need to say this, most of viewers watch this show now believe that all of us are involved in some kind of negotiation. that is not true. >>neil: there is nothing going on. >>guest: nothing. nothing. geithner and his staff are
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dealing with speaker boehner and his staff. that is it. the rest of us are not involve involveed. >>neil: i am not encouraged by what you are saying. congressman, wayne wanted to come in but i will not let him. it is wayne's last appearance. charles, so little time, so little time, so many worlds and people to say, but i tell you, we will be on top of this. it is a lot easier than they are saying and that is why i will help us off the cliff. it is what i must do. more after this. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles
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>>neil: and newark, new jersey, mayor is talking up the challenge to live on a food stamp budget for week, starting
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today, kicking it off with $27.98 grocery bill. he says it is all about raising awareness but my guest says this stunt isn't helping anyone. explain. >>guest: no, it is not helping anyone. people look at the mayor of newark and say if he is on food stamps maybe i should get on food stamps what he should do is get people off of food stamps and on to jobs. the unemployment rate in new jersey is about 9.5 percent. he is tweeting and having fun with this it and i looked at grocery receipt and he bought espresso with food stamp money, i don't think that is spending the right message. you don't have a job? don't look for one, get on food stamps. that is the message it sends. it is the wrong one with one in seven americans on food stamps. >>neil: i know what is going on here, i respect the mayor and all of that but he probably
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wants to challenge the present governor, later on. i wonder, though, whether whether he becomes governor or not whether he is making a statement about food stamps that republicans are heartless and they don't realize how difficult it is to get by buying basic groceries. >>guest: well, you are right, he is trying to say republicans are heartless, we want to throw money at the problem and not create an opportunity society we want to give you guys more government stuff. if mayor booker, we know this is a publicity stunt, he wants to run for governor, he has done this before. remember, he lived this public housing from 1998 to 2006 and i want to know, did less people in new jersey live in public housing as a result of that p.r. instrument, mayor? it is not what republicans need
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to say, they need to do what i am doing and make him look like the buffoon and the clown that he is. >>neil: that is a little disparaging. i think a lot of the mayor, you can call it a stunt but he has done a lot to entice business to newark. >>guest: and for education. >>neil: it is a tough city to do business. he has turned heads, they have an art work center going in newark. wait, wait, wait, wait, i am saying here, how should republicans in general respond to this, that entitlements of any sort are bad or only the most needy which would be more practical and deserve the food stamps, and certainly have for reason why 47 million americans should be on food stamps. >>guest: you are right. this is what we should say, food stamps like a lot of government programs are for the most needy and they will not be around if we enlarge the pie.
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>>neil: that is a solid agreement. >>guest: i look at the black mayor, he is a vibrant young black man and it sends a mixed message to young black men to say i am on food stamps why don't you try it. >>neil: i understand. we want to feel the love. ing -- thank you, thank you.
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>>neil: incredible the images of violence in syria. what is the united nations thinking about doing? internet regulations is what their conference is about in
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dubai. but my guest is worried that the u.n. is focusing on this when this is going on. what is going on here? >>guest: well, the u.n. is acting less and less like a bull washington against war, the real purpose and more and more as a mechanism to redistribute wealth and power, away from free societies and toward dictatorships. >>neil: maybe they are hanging their hat on this possibility of russia playing a role in getting assad to step down but that at best is wish will thinking, i think, and hanging your hopes on not having a backbone if you can get a back door deal with the guy who is kill all the people. >> russia has been supplying the assad regime with weapons. russia is one of the worst players in the middle east. in fact, it is very hard to come up with anything positive. russia has contributed to the
1:26 pm
middle east in living memory. i can't think of anything. >>neil: the united nations will do what? they get involved in all these other ridiculous time consuming wasteful enterprises and this is fat more immediate crisis. >>guest: what is going on is something we really should be asking, is it possible to set up alternative institutions, treaties, anything, to get things done that serve the needs of modern free societies because the n right now has done nothing to solve the horrors in syria, the iranian nuclear weapons program, the north korean weapons program and they are ready to test another ballistic missile that the u.n. has talked about and what the u.n. has done is helped itself to efforts to let everything about your life, your wallet. from the intent. to treaties on disabilities, to
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gun control, to all these things that should be the business of sovereign states to do, and the u.n. appropriates to itself. it is an inside out approach to what should be going on. >>neil: but it is like in the last few months which you warned me about, it is like bad guys rule, democracy rules. it is like ever since we saw the push for the palestinian state, and the way they pulled strategics planning to do that and pulled the strings, and now, it is like we let the soons explode, we let russia call the shots and we let iran build whatever nightmare they are building and when no one does a thing that can imply impotence or, or, growing to it. if you want all of this to happen. >>guest: sure, whichever it
1:28 pm
is, the price of leading from behind or in some cases waiting and witnessing from behind, is that other players will take advantage of whatever they can and you have iran continuing not just do pursue nuclear weapons but to spread terror to arm hamas and gaza and to kill people in syria and the u.n. holds meetings and discusses it from time to time but there is in solution there. what is needed, actually, is very serious leadership. if it it will not work at the u.n., then, outside the u.n. but to let it deinvolve into whatever the u.n. comes up with is a recipe for anarchy, chaos and war but a disintegration of the world order we depend on. >>neil: it is more obvious each day. thank you very much.
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>>neil: today's house committee hearing on super storm sandy was looking to get help to the victims who need it. >> the elephant in this room that needs to be spoken about is
1:33 pm
the impact of climate change and the increasing intensity of informs and the varied storms, the breadth of a storm like sandy and we have to rebuild and rethink our infrastructure in those terms. >> hushes colliding with the nor'easter and whiteout snow continues, that is what has lots of scientists thinking of the effects of climate change. >>neil: and my guest on, well, whether that is fair to throw that into the mix. >>guest: well, these are cheap political points because there is no science to back this up. experts have locked at this and this is the longest period since 1900 without a major hurricane hitting the united states whether it is floods or droughts they are showing no trends over
1:34 pm
sector 80 years and people are trying to draw short trends but the bottom line, congress is not only doing this at fema hearings but the senators like senator whitehouse from rhode island are doing this at defense authorization trying to ride hurricane sandy to the bank and the bank is setting the same for a carbon tax here in washington, dc. that is what they are trying, the treasury, is trying to do and there is fear that even republicans are going to do it as a revenue neutral part of tax reform. that is what this is about, more money from the government using hurricane sandy. >> what i worry about, if anything, be when we had a lot of physical storms back in the 60's, whether they would respond the same way and gotten the same initiatives that cost billions for what was a cycle.
1:35 pm
we do it again, but, i think before you put down the kind of change you are talking about you better be dam sure that china mat change and there has been a warming up, what is open for ample and considerable debate is whether man is to blame for that and to then punish companies to then pay for a problem they may not be responsible for, in a dicey economic recovery globally, if that is what you call it, you are adding nonsense. >>guest: if we go back to the "old normal" the old normal was 1950s. we have had dramatic decrease in large or big tornadoes since the 1950's. hurricanes, dramatically down. drought, floods. the bottom line, they are even if we were talking about it, their solution is a carbon tax. their solution are e.p.a. regulations and a carbon tax is
1:36 pm
fund to be useful in addressing climate issues. however as the "washington post" notes in an editorial a few weeks ago it will "bring in serious money" $125 billion a year is what washington is drooling over at the moment. if they can use sandy and exploit the victims and tush science on its head and try to claim that global warming caused sandy they will do it to get "serious money" of $125 billion a year. there will be no shortage of congressmen making hay out of this. >>neil: and the money that could be raised to help hurricane sandy, you have few of the dollars will make it to the hurricane sandy victims. the people have a big heart but they do not thing after the fact whether it could be a good idea to help those folks affected on the ground rather than the huge bureaucracies that presumably will help them on the ground. there is something wrong with
1:37 pm
the process that reduces the amount of money you get to a fraction of what was handed out. >>guest: it is essentially the money is laundered through the washington bureaucracy. we have seen this years ago blue are talking about welfare or any other program by the time the money reaches the intended victim it has been essentially fleeced. that is walk, one of the things that washington is really effective at. they know how to fleeces they know how to get each level bureaucracy to get theirs, essentially. >>neil: you seize on the emotional moment. thank you, thank you. and now, a charity bell ringer was turned away. and he claims women are to blame.
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>>neil: imagine walking into your first day of work and seconds later being told it will not work out. it sounds like some days i -- dates i went through. but enough about me back to my guest. this man claims the salvation army turned him away as a singing bell ringing because cute women bring if more cash. he is not ripping a bell anymore. is that legal? does he have a case? lis wiehl and deborah are trying this. we pit out a call to the salvation army and we will get their statement in a second lis? >>lis: he does. reverse discrimination. unless you try out for the rock rocketettes, where your looks
1:42 pm
matter so were, it shouldn't matter. plus, the guy is kind of cute. >>neil: he is fuzzy. he does, indeed -- there he is. reverse discrimination. >> the saying goes, no publicity is bad publicity, and he has made it into the news and he is here on fox news, and on "your world" and my advise -- i say become more visible on the web. he does not have a case against the salvation army. i have spoken with representatives from the salvation army and they have confirmed they do not discriminate based on gender. >>neil: we tried calling them account best we could get was a salvation that they offer bell ripping opportunities to all those who qualify throughout the holiday season, regardless of gender.
1:43 pm
i don't know if they indicated if they tore paid -- torpedoed him. >>guest: he walked in the first day and he was not allowed. unless he did anything and this is no allegation, he walk in and he did not look cute enough. >>neil: i don't believe it. i don't believe it. would say say you are not cute enough? >>guest: they are not thinking about the lawyers. >> this is not verified. who would say something like that? >> anything is possible but even if it did happen, he still don't have a claim. >>lis: wait, wait, wait, wait, if he went to a job and he was told, you don't have this job not because you are not qualified or because you can't ring the bell, you are not cute enough as the women are, he would not have a claim? of course he would have a claim.
1:44 pm
>>neil: i don't believe he was told that. ever continue they thought of that they will come up with another reason but they will taught say you not cute enough. >>guest: i don't think they said it. it hasn't been verified but that one individual is not an absolute representative of the salvation army. you allowed to discriminate based on gender if women earn more money for the charity for the salvation. >>neil: most of the bell ringers are like mrs. doubtfire which is fine, and, actually, it compels you to give more but if some are cuter than others, other not . >>lis: you say people do not discriminate, how about the g.p.a., hooters, they do that year after year after year. >>neil: i don't believe 10 vacation army said this. >>guest: they are not all women bell ringers so this is
1:45 pm
all nonsense. >>neil: it is disturbing that it happened in this day and age but i suspect a little bit of what you argued could be going on, this guy is getting a great deal of attention right now. >>guest: he is. he is on your show. >>lis: and he doesn't have a job. >>neil: how much money could this pay, anyway? and it is only seasonal for the most part. >>lis: but it is a job and he doesn't get it because of his gender? that is wrong. >>neil: what is your advice to people in the future? >>guest: salvation army said they are happy to investigate this. he should contact them and they will look into it. >>neil: i came here and they said, neil, you are a little too thin. >>lis: stuff happens. >>neil: prepare accordingly. this segment sounds like a good idea when we started. anyway, company racing to get dividends in before the tax hikes kick in. what they see that could you have very, very worried.
1:46 pm
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>>neil: the planes are lining up at la guardia and companies are lining up to get their dividends in because of a fear of massive tax hikes. it is a big worry. and it is a bigger for the united states economy. the benefit is that each year companies issue benefits for holding the stock and many companies including the most popular will do this and many more, before year's enbecause the dividend tax rate will go from 50 percent and possibly close to triple. so, it makes senator. next year we will have companies that have to pay dividends and
1:50 pm
pay them to individuals who are taxed at a high are rate. this does not solve a permanent role but a one time give to a shareholder at the end of the years pay less now opposed to more later and when we get to next year we are in an economy that is in a higher tax environment, companies will grow less well if that environment, association whatever cash they have, and they have available to pay out, will be taxed at a high are rate. >>neil: what do you make of the argument we had much higher dividend tax rates in the reagan administration, a good part of the clinton administration, and we did fine. >>guest: it was great to be a world monopoly. a wonderful thing to have the expire world recovering from world war ii but that is not where we are. higher taxes hurt economic growth. people say it doesn't hurt it and they are saying of all the possible answers i will pick the extreme one, which is zero. what is most iportant? millions are out of work, we have incomes that have not grown but they have fallen.
1:51 pm
i would think growth is the priority. >>neil: is that going do mean more dividends next year to make up for the tax hit they will face? will they still cash out with the dividends? isn't that going do lead to a market tank? >>guest: one of the things, what we are seeing right now is the first evidence that companies' investors know the fiscal cliff is coming and when we get closer that is when the market will tank. >>neil: take your money and run. >>guest: for political pumps folks are willing to go over. that is dangerous much next year if we go over the cliff, all bets are off and we are in a recession. >>neil: you are not competent? >>guest: i don't like the way this is going. this is not two parties sitting down and saying we have a serious national problem, how do we solve it? this is' tiring for political gain at the expense of the men me. the president of the sons saying, look, we need to race taxes on rich people to protect
1:52 pm
the middle class and i will drive us into a recess. how does that help the middle class? >>neil: he wants republicans to blame. >>guest: in question. >>neil: and they will. >>guest: the economics are simple: we do not need to race tacks in a weak economy it is all politics. the question is, who blinks? >>neil: are you proud of the way the republicans handled it or disgulfgusted? >>guest: what speaker boehner has done is to be admired. the proposal wasn't a strong republican proposal. it had less than $2 of spending for every $1 in taxes and right off the simpson-bowles package. they compromised in a timely fashion, and i was shocked house quickly the white house batted it down. >>neil: but they are not moving off the talking points. is there a way people can put something out, don't talk to the press? >>guest: i would point out, i in there is rhetoric and talking points but when republicans have
1:53 pm
sat down in serious negotiations, whether it was speaker boehner with the president in 2011 or the super committee, or now, they have said, we are willing to raise more revenue and we will raise it on the rip people you want, mr. president, but we would like to do it in an economically rational fashion. >>neil: he is not accepting lower deductions. >>guest: if you get a dollar from someone why do it in the most damaging way possible? >>neil: so we will see how it works out. it doesn't look good. in the meantime, before some of the lessons in washington sent us over the cliff, maybe they should take a cue from the man who got us to the moon.
1:54 pm
1:55 pm
1:56 pm
>> neil: you know, i love my job, the whole superhero thing as well. just when i thought it couldn't get any better, i was asked to host an interview for the special of the 40th anniversary of the last man to
1:57 pm
walk on the moon. this is great stuff, imagine what is sitting down in person with hero after hero among the small handful of men who risked everything for a chance to discover the unknown. men who will never fail to inspire. take a look. literally out of this world. you never seem to profit off this. unlike me who would look for every opportunity he could. >> we didn't expect to profit like that. "life" magazine was knocking on the door to have exclusive interviews, which was strange to me why they would want to do that.
1:58 pm
i would come some place to give a talk before i made a flight. they were saying things, you know, i haven't made a flight yet. why am i, why does everybody want to hear me? you know? >> it's like you resisted, though, the celebrity, right? >> it's much better to do it that way. just be part of the great program. something we can all be proud of. >> the fact in america we have something that's always been part of us, >> we got paid by every other colonel and i thought i had a great deal because my buddies were in vietnam, getting shot at it. i had a great adventure. we were comfortable. we didn't volunteer for fame or fortune. fame fleeting. we were hardly recognized unlike movie stars or sports figures. we showed up in tv with face suits on.
1:59 pm
hard to recognize your space in a space suit. nobody gave us $4 million to go to the moon but trip to the moon in military terminology temporary duty. for temporary duty, they pay you per diem. so back then the per diem rate was $25 a day. going to moon was 11 days there and back. so well, that is $275. >> spectacular. >> the government quarters and meals were furnished so they deducted that part. i got a check from nation is a for $13.75 i think it was. that was my extra. >> neil: i have done a lot of fun things at fox news. it's a big old candy store here. but in my more than 16 years here this is the most fun i have ever had talking to these heroes. reliving my childhood dreams. sunday night, 9:00 p.m. on the network. 40


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